Mt Rushmore mesh model
Mt Rushmore 3D PhotoReal™ image
DFW BIM model
BIM model
Image of outcropping PhotoReal™ model used for analog reservoir characterization
Image from within Devil's Sinkhole
Image of 3D PhotoReal™ model of outcropping
Superimposed point cloud models of Crazy Horse mountain and sculpture
Superimposed 3D PhotoReal™ models of Crazy Horse mountain and sculpture
Color point cloud model of bridge and embankment in McKinney, Texas
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At the forefront of innovation in precision visualization, we provide solutions utilizing 3D PhotoReal™ modeling, laser scanning, mapping, photogrammetry, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology precisely tailored for the client who values integrity, innovation, and dedication in a project partner. Our experience and mastery in integrating these and other technologies empowers resourceful solutions in diverse industrial and private applications.     Learn more >

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